Wooden Handcarved Reusable Chopsticks


Wooden Handcarved Reusable Chopsticks


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Tired of throwing away chopsticks every time you visit your favorite sushi restaurant? Carry these whimsical, reusable, fair-trade, hand-made zebra chopsticks with you - you can reduce waste, make a style statement, help deserving artists and bring some African safari fun to your meal at the same time.

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* A portion of each sale is donated to plant trees in the US National Forests.
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  • 9 inch length.
  • Made in Kenya with sustainably harvested jacaranda wood, a fast growing tree in East Africa.
  • Each piece is hand-carved using fair-trade labor, making sure your purchase has an impact - on people and the environment.
  • Due to handcrafted nature, slight variations may occur.


100% sustainably harvested jacaranda wood


Hand-wash clean and wipe dry immediately. Do not soak for a long time or put it in the dishwasher.


You can compost this chopstick set at its end-of-life along with other organic matter.

Store this chopstick set with your other reusable cutlery in a cutlery pouch or wrap (check our store for pouch options) and keep it in your bag, purse or car to be prepared for impromptu take-out or dining-out plans.


Each year, the demand for about 57 billion disposable pairs of chopsticks in China, leads to the equivalent of 3.8 million trees being chopped. 

By carrying your own reusable chopsticks, you are preventing disposable chopsticks being trashed every single time. You also spark a conversation about the hazards of a use-once-and-throw-away lifestyle that has permeated us. 

The purchase also helps family-owned workshops and artists in Kenya earn a steady income and provide for their families. 


Made for you by Kichaka Poa, a family run workshop located outside of Nairobi, Kenya. OTIC, a privately held export and marketing company, seeks to help local artisans connect with export markets. OTIC provides export, packaging and quality control support for a number of small workshops in and around Nairobi.