Stainless Steel Cup/Tumbler for Kids, Camping - 9 oz


Stainless Steel Cup/Tumbler for Kids, Camping - 9 oz


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Worried about your kids drinking from plastic cups daily but find glass cups too risky in their tiny hands? Say hello to these stackable, convenient to-go, virtually indestructible, fully recyclable and endlessly reusable stainless steel cups. They are the perfect size for delivering juice and water to kids or for outdoor picnics, without the risk of broken glass when dropped.

Available in 2 colors: Silver and Rainbow

* A portion of each sale is donated to plant trees in the US National Forests.
** All orders shipped 100% Plastic-Free in Recycled boxes.


  • Designed to be an unbreakable, stackable, affordable and forever-reusable stainless steel cup or tumbler for smaller servings. 
  • Features a rolled-lip top with no sharp edges and a perfect size for kids' little hands.
  • Great for adults as well to carry to outdoor picnics, camping, BBQs or use it in the bathroom to store toothbrushes, razors, etc.
  • Made of premium stainless steel with no synthetic lining, no leaching toxins, no BPA - making it durable, safe and rust-free.
  • Rugged, stackable, easy to transport, and won’t break like glass or melt in summer heat like compostable PLA.
  • Easy to clean and resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation.
  • Built to last a lifetime and 100% recyclable
  • 9 oz capacity


100% 18/8 (#304) food-grade stainless steel


Height: 3.8 inches
Upper Diameter: 3 inches
Lower Diameter: 2 inches


This steel cup is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Do not use in microwave.


These steel cups will help you avoid a LOT of single use plastic-waste that is generated due to disposable cups used when camping, outdoor parties or BBQs. They are also a lightweight and unbreakable plastic-free alternatives for kids drinks.


This steel cup should last for a lifetime but it is 100% recyclable with metal recycling.