Reusable glass coffee cup - 12 oz

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Reusable glass coffee cup - 12 oz

$27.99 $19.99

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Beautiful, fun, classy and durable - this reusable Sol (meaning 'sun' in Spanish) coffee cup will surely make your mornings brighter and your drinks fresher and cleaner without trashing the planet. 

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  • Standard 12 oz cup size for convenient, on-the-go filling at your coffee shop.
  • Each cup is made of hand-blown, borosilicate glass which makes it light-weight, durable, strong and 100% chemical-free that won't leach plastic nasties into your beverage.
  • The thermal silicone lid and sleeve will not just protect your fingers but it is also food-safe quality and BPA-free.
  • Each cup is microwave and dishwasher safe making it super easy to clean and reheat your beverage.
  • Available in 3 fun colors to suit your personality.


12 oz (354 ml)


Cup is 100% Hand-blown, borosilicate glass. Lid and sleeve are 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone. 


Can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher


With proper care, this cup should last you a very long time but at its end-of-life, the glass and silicone can be recycled.

The cup can be reused as an organizer for your make up brushes or toothbrushes in the bathroom. It can also be used a candle-holder for those of you who make candles at home or as a setting for an air-plant. 


Each year about 50 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the US alone. If you buy a coffee everyday, using this reusable cup will prevent 23 pounds of waste being generated each year from disposable cups, since the paper coffee cups are lined with polyethylene and not recyclable.

You will also conserve energy since each paper cup manufactured is responsible for 0.24 pounds of CO2 emissions.