Natural Loofah Sponge for Bath/Cleaning


Natural Loofah Sponge for Bath/Cleaning


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This natural loofah sponge, made from the loofah plant is a multi-purpose cleaning sponge that is also fully compostable at its end-of-life. Use it as an exfoliator when you shower or cut it into pieces for general household cleaning. 

Available as a single sponge or as a set of 4 sponges.

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  • Choose either One (1) Loofah sponge or a set of Four (4) Sponges.
  • Sponge size is 4 inch long and 2 inches diameter. Weight 1oz.
  • Designed to be a sustainable alternative to plastic-based dish brushes, sponges and bath poufs.
  • Use it to clean around the home or gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin.


100% Plant Fiber (Loofah), no packaging


4 inches long and 2 inches diameter.
Weight 1 oz.


Petroleum-based everyday plastic kitchen sponges or bath poufs cannot be recycled or composted. These sponges are typically made from polyurethane (a petroleum-based ingredient), bleach, assorted sulfates, chemicals, and synthetic foam materials. A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years.


These Loofah Sponges are 100% compostable at their end-of-life. Shred them to small pieces for quicker degradation. 

Cut it into discs and use it as a base for your soap or shampoo bar in the shower or for your dish soap bar in the sink. The sponge will absorb the wet soap and can then be used for showering or cleaning dishes or counters - fully zero-waste !