Wooden Dish Brush


Wooden Dish Brush


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Dish washing made easy and elegant with this natural wooden brush. It features a convenient replaceable head allowing you to replace just the head, without having to replace the entire brush. These excellent quality brushes are long-lasting and durable - save money spent on buying disposable sponges over and over. Say no to plastic brushes and messy sponges which may clean your dishes but will pollute the environment.

Available in 3 options: Single brush, Single brush with additional replacement head or Only replacement head.

* A portion of each sale is donated to plant trees in the US National Forests.
** All orders shipped 100% Plastic-Free in Recycled boxes.


  • Sustainable alternative to plastic brushes and sponges for cleaning dishes, glassware, pots and pans. 
  • CHOOSE ONE of 3 options: single brush, single brush with additional replacement head or only the replacement head.
  • Handle is beautiful and handmade with untreated beechwood - slight variations may occur due the natural wood and the handmade nature of the product.
  • Bristles are plant-based tampico fibre which has a high degree of shape retention and resistance to heat and chemicals.
  • The design allows it to be effectively positioned at all angles and for cleaning a variety of surfaces.
  • Made sustainably in Germany


Handle is untreated beechwood with steel loop.

Bristles are plant-based tampico fibre.


Length: 9.5 inches


Just wash the brush with lukewarm water and soap and blot dry any excess water. Let it air dry in a well-ventilated area.

As with any wood item, do not run this dish brush through the dishwasher or leave them submerged in water for an extended time - this will help prolong the life of your brush and avoid any swelling of the wood.


Petroleum-based everyday plastic kitchen sponges cannot be recycled or composted. These sponges are typically made from polyurethane (a petroleum-based ingredient), bleach, assorted sulfates, chemicals, and synthetic foam materials. A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years.

Using these will also save you a lot of money spent in buying packages of disposable plastic sponges every few weeks.


When the brush wears down, you can purchase just a replacement head rather than having to buy a full new brush. This will not only help you save money but also lower your environmental impact in terms of energy used for manufacture and transportation of the smaller item.

The brush head and handle minus the steel loop is 100% compostable.