Portable Travel 3-piece cutlery set


Portable Travel 3-piece cutlery set


Small, compact and convenient - this steel cutlery set enclosed in an aluminum case is great for carrying in your car, purse or even your pocket. No more hunting in your bag for loose spoons and forks, keep it all together with this sleek, portable cutlery set.


* A portion of each sale is donated to plant trees in the US National Forests.
** All orders shipped 100% Plastic-Free in Recycled boxes.


  • Designed to be a substitute for plastic cutlery for waste-free dining on the go.
  • Includes a set of stainless steel fork, spoon and chopsticks in an aluminum case.
  • Chopsticks come in 2 pieces that can be attached to make full length 9-inch chopsticks.
  • Fork and spoon are lightweight, durable, measure 5.5 inches and have smaller size/width compared to usual spoons, to enable it to be stored in the case. Case is just under 6 inches long.


Spoon, fork and chopsticks are 100% stainless steel (#304, 18/8). Case is made of aluminum.


Dishwasher safe


Single-use plastic cutlery is incredibly wasteful in terms of energy consumption  - petroleum and fossil fuels being burned to generate the cutlery (which causes pollution), packed and transported to it destination (more fuel and energy), used for only about 20 minutes and then thrown into landfill where it will last for hundreds of years.

Carrying reusable utensils will minimize all this needless waste by avoiding single-use plastic utensils. You can further reduce your footprint by also carrying a reusable food container for restaurant take-outs and leftovers.


The cutlery and case are all 100% recyclable with metal recycling.

The spoon are fork are smaller than your typical cutlery, closer in size to kids' cutlery, so it may not be suitable for soups or liquids but will get the job done in a pinch.