Zero-Waste Cleaning Mini Gift Set


Zero-Waste Cleaning Mini Gift Set


No cheap plastic brushes, no messy, plastic sponges and no reams of paper towels used for a few seconds and thrown away. Say hello to this beautiful, functional yet sustainable cleaning gift set made of all natural and compostable materials.

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  • 2 (two) pot brushes.
  • 1 (one) wooden dish brush with additional replacement head
  • CHOOSE ANY ONE of the below: 
    • Set of 2 Reusable Kitchen Sponges (UnSponges)
    • Set of 6 Organic Cotton Reusable Towels (UnPaper Towels)

Pot Brushes:

  • Bristles are made of plant-based union fibre, which is a natural mix of softer, white tampico and the stiffer palmyra fibres, making it a medium scrub brush with exceptional scrubbing and scouring capability.
  • Untreated Beechwood handle is handcrafted and may vary slightly due to the natural wood color
  • Helps clean dirt and grime off your pots, pans and dishes without damaging the coating.
  • Made sustainably in Germany

Dish Brush:

This wooden dish brush features a convenient replaceable head allowing you to replace just the head, without having to replace the entire brush. 

  • Sustainable alternative to plastic brushes and sponges for cleaning dishes, glassware, pots and pans. 
  • Includes 1 wooden dish brush and 1 additional replacement head
  • Handle is beautiful and handmade with untreated beechwood 
  • Bristles are plant-based tampico fibre which has a high degree of shape retention and resistance to heat and chemicals.
  • Made sustainably in Germany

Reusable Kitchen Sponges :

  • Designed to be a sustainable and reusable alternative to germ-laden plastic kitchen sponges.
  • Includes a set of 2 reusable kitchen sponges of size 3.5 inch x 6 inch.
  • The outer layer is 100% Organic cotton waffle weave fabric that provides a scrubby texture. 
  • The inner layers are a blend of Organic cotton and Organic bamboo, in a terry loop fabric for great absorption, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties. Plus it is mold and mildew-resistant.
  • All fabrics are 100% Organic and unbleached for a toxin and chemical-free cleaning routine.
  • Handmade with love in Colorado, USA

UnPaper Towels:

  • Includes a set of 6 Organic Cotton reusable (UnPaper) towels of size 8 inch x 10 inch.
  • Designed to be a sustainable and reusable alternative to disposable paper towels.
  • Can be used as a lunchbox napkin, cleaning windows, counters, dishes, as a hanky or anything else that you can think of. 
  • Made of 100% Organic, unbleached USA-grown cotton - no toxic chemicals and dyes in your cleaning routine.
  • Handmade with love in Colorado, USA


Dish brush: 

Handle is untreated beechwood with steel loop. Bristles are plant-based tampico fibre.

Pot brushes:

Handle is made of untreated, natural beechwood and bristles are made of plant- based union fibre, which is a natural mix of softer, white tampico and the stiffer palmyra fibres


The outer layer is 100% Organic, unbleached cotton waffle weave fabric

The inner layers are a blend of Organic and unbleached cotton and bamboo.

UnPaper Towels:

100% Unbleached, Organic cotton


Wooden Brushes:

Just wash the brushes with lukewarm water and soap and blot dry any excess water. Let it air dry in a well-ventilated area. As with any wood item, do not run these brushes through the dishwasher or leave them submerged in water for an extended time - this will help prolong the life of your brushes and avoid any swelling of the wood.

Reusable Towels/Sponges:

Easy to clean, just toss it in your laundry machine or hand-wash it. 


The wood handles and the bristles of all the brushes are plant-based so 100% compostable. 

These reusable UnPaper Towels and UnSponges are 100% compostable at their end-of-life. Shred them to small pieces for quicker degradation.