Zero-Waste Food and Grocery Mini Gift Set


Zero-Waste Food and Grocery Mini Gift Set


One of the biggest source of plastics for us individuals is food packaging - from getting food from the grocery store to storing it at home. This mini-kit will give you a head start on minimizing some of that plastic usage in the food department. 

SAVE 20% over the price of purchasing each item individually.

* A portion of each sale is donated to plant trees in the US National Forests.
** All orders shipped 100% Plastic-Free in Recycled boxes.



  • 1 Variety pack of Organic Cotton Produce Bags (3 bags - S, M, L)
  • 1 String Bag (CHOOSE either Long or Short Handle)
  • 1 Variety pack of Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps (3 wraps - S, M, L).

Organic Cotton Produce bags:

  • Designed to be a replacement for plastic grocery produce bags. 
  • Includes 3 bags of sizes: 

Small: 8" x 10" (20cm x 25.4cm) 
Medium: 10" x 12" (25.4cm x 30.5cm)
Large: 12" x 15" (30.5cm x 38cm)

  • Made with 100% organic and unbleached cotton - no harmful bleaches, dyes or pesticides near your produce. 
  • Drawstring closure to avoid spills.
  • Bag has its Tare weight written on it - just subtract it from the total weight to get exact weight of the produce

String/Net Bag:

  • This string bag may look small but it is super stretchy and can expand to hold a ton - it is strength tested to 50 lbs (23 kg). No more ripped paper grocery bags. 
  • Handle is 1/2 inch wide and has two length options to best suit your need and style - short (wrist-held) or long (shoulder-length)
  • Made of natural GOTS certified cotton, fair trade labor certified, without any dyes or colors.

Beeswax Food Wraps:

  • Designed to be a replacement for plastic saran food wraps
  • 3 sizes in one pack which means you can use these for almost anything - wrap leftover cheese, cover a food bowl, keep mushrooms firm and pack your lunch sandwich.
  • Includes 3 wraps:
1 Small Wrap 18 cm x 18 cm (7” x 7”)
1 Medium Wrap 25 cm x 25 cm (10” x 10”)
1 Large Wrap 33 cm x 33 cm (13” x 13”)
  • It is self-adhesive which means you can just use the pressure and warmth from your hands to mold it around your food
  • Will last one year or longer with proper care, which means you've saved LOT of plastic wraps from being trashed, plus money saved on buying them over and over


    Cotton Produce Bags: 

    100% Organic cotton 

    String Bag/Net Bag:  

    Made of 100% natural GOTS certified cotton

    Beeswax wraps: 

    Made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into a hemp and Organic cotton cloth.


    String Bag and Produce bags:

    Machine wash cold and hang dry

    Beeswax wraps: 

    Wash in cold water with eco-friendly dish soap. Biodegradable, alcohol-free soap is the best. Tree resin and beeswax are soluble in alcohol. Check the ingredient list of your dish soap. If alcohol is in the first 5 ingredients it is too harsh for this wrap.

    Not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave oven, direct heat or high temperatures. Allow food to cool slightly before covering and avoid placing hot food directly

    Do not let them soak for a prolonged period of time.

    Hang to dry or towel dry for immediate use. Do not wring.


    A trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year, coming to almost 2 million bags each minute. A one-time purchase of these reusable bags will save years and years of waste that you produce due to single-use grocery produce bags. 


    Produce bags:

    Fabric is breathable and can be moistened to keep greens fresh longer in the fridge.

    Store a set of these bags inside a reusable grocery bag and hang by the door or in the garage or keep it in your car, so you don't forget to take these when grocery shopping. If you do forget, resist the temptation to grab the plastic bags that the store provides and go bag-less. Place all produce directly in the cart and give them a good wash before storing them.

    You can reduce waste by composting the bags when it is time to dispose it. The material is 100% compostable - it may take some time, but it will decompose. You can speed the process by giving more points of contact i.e rip it to shreds and then compost. Since it has no harmful dyes, bleach or colors, it is safe to compost as well. 

    Always consider reusing before disposing - you can repurpose these bags to store shoes when traveling, use it to pack small items like socks, underwear in your suitcase, or to store all phone/iPad chargers and extension cords.

    Beeswax Wrap:

    It is 100% compostable. Outer package is a paper box that is 100% recyclable and compostable.